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Change is good!

And that’s why I decided to re-brand and re-launch the new digs. I have been photographing weddings for 4 years and love every  minute of it. The love, the passion the excitement it’s all so good! I approach weddings (and life) with an energetic passion and straight up fun and I wanted my brand to match that vibe.

I have had a blast throughout this whole process. Working with Nicole Sage Design, a super rock star graphic designer. During the creative process I spent time just noticing things I liked; colors and design elements around my house, in other people’s homes, out in the world just taking note of the things that made me happy. One morning it all just clicked. Lovebird Studio.

I am so excited to share all the fun and crafty stuff I’ve been up to throughout this whole re-brand. I’ve had so much fun pouring over stationary stores online and in house. Exploring paper options, colors, packaging options and gobs of other crafty stuff to pull it all together.

Photos and info about where I got the goods coming soon.

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